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Here are the answers to some the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question which isn’t answered below then please get in touch with us. We may even add it to the list!

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  • Are your beers vegetarian / vegan?

No. All of our beers contain isinglass finings, which help settle the beer. Isinglass finings are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.  Back to top.

  • Do you make a gluten-free beer?

No. All of our beers contain malted barley and / or wheat. Back to top.

  • Do you make seasonal beers?

No. Our focus is on quality - we stick to brewing a handful of great beers that are available all year round. Back to top.

  • Do you make white label beers / beers for anyone else?

No.  We once collaborated with the NFU to produce Farmer’s Harvest (the first Red Tractor accredited ale) to mark their centenary. Aside from this, we would not normally make beer for or with anyone else. Back to top.

  • What is ‘live’ beer?

Live beer contains sediment (yeast and finings) and requires settling prior to dispense otherwise the beer will pour cloudy. We advise allowing at least 24 hours for live beer to settle. Back to top.

  • What is ‘bright’ beer?

Bright beer contains no sediment and does not require settling. It has a shorter shelf life and is therefore not available to buy online. Mini casks, polypins and firkins can be supplied with bright beer. If you are interested in this option then please contact the brewery for further information. Please note we require at least 72 hours notice to prepare orders containing bright beer. Back to top.

  • What is the shelf life of your beers?

Live beer (mini casks and polypins) normally arrive with a shelf-life of approximately four weeks. Bottled beer normally has a shelf life of around six months. Back to top.

  • How long, once opened, will beer in a mini cask or polypin keep?

To enjoy the beer at its best, please consume within three days of opening (venting). Back to top.

  • How does the mini cask work?

The mini cask is a complete kit. The tap is situated inside the cask. Full instructions can be found on the reverse of the cask or download instructions for use here. The cask must be settled and vented at least 24 hours before use and, once vented, consumed within three days. Back to top.

  • Do you reuse mini casks?

No. The cask is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of via kerbside collections (where available) or recycling centres. Back to top.

  • How does the polypin work?

The polypin is similar to a large wine box. It contains a plastic inner with a tap. The polypin must be settled at least 24 hours before use and, once opened, consumed within three days. Back to top.

  • Do you offer beer in larger volumes than polypins?

Yes. We can supply casks (9g firkins), which are available for collection from the brewery shop. Please call us or pop in to place an order. Casks are subject to a deposit, which is refundable on their return. Back to top.



  • Where can I buy your beers?

You can buy our beers from our online shop and from our brewery shop. Our beers are also stocked in quality pubs, restaurants and retail outlets – visit our Find a Stockist page to locate your nearest outlet. Back to top.

  • Which credit / debit cards do you accept for online transactions?

We accept all major credit / debit cards except American Express. Back to top.

  • Can I redeem my Purity gift voucher online?

Yes. Please add the code when prompted during the checkout process. Back to top.

  • Can I specify a different delivery address to the invoice address?

Yes. During the checkout process you will have the opportunity to give separate addresses. Back to top.

  • My order is a gift. Can I include a special note?

Yes. Complimentary gift tags can be included by adding a note in the checkout process when prompted. Back to top.

  • Does your delivery note give the cost of items?

No. The delivery note lists the items included in the order, but no costs are given. Back to top.

  • Will you send a paper invoice?

Customers receive payment confirmation from WorldPay and order confirmation from us, both via email. If you need a paper or electronic invoice from us then please contact us. Back to top.

  • Where do you deliver to?

Mainland UK only. For other delivery destinations please contact the brewery for a quote. Back to top.

  • What are your delivery costs?

Please see our Shipping Costs page for a complete breakdown of delivery costs. Back to top.

  • How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Two working days minimum, however a later delivery date can be requested. More information can be found on our Orders page. Back to top.

  • Can I specify a delivery time?

No. Our couriers deliver Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Special delivery instructions can be accommodated. Please see our Orders page for more information. Back to top.

  • What happens if I miss the delivery?

If there is no answer when delivery is attempted then the driver will retain the order and leave a card with the customer explaining how to rearrange the delivery. Visit our Orders page for full details. Back to top.

  • Can I exchange clothing if it is the size isn’t quite right?

Yes. Please return the item, unworn, in the post to us and will exchange for you. See our Returns page for further information. Back to top.

  • Can I return an item if I’ve changed my mind?

Please see our Returns page for further information. Back to top.

  • What happens to the personal data I submit when placing an order?

We will make you aware if we store any data, we will only ask you for relevant personal data and we promise not to share any data without your consent. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details. Back to top.

  • Can I order beer for my wedding / party?

Congratulations! Yes. Please contact the brewery for prices and options. We can supply casks (9g firkins) for larger gatherings. You will need to collect / return the cask to the brewery and we ask for a deposit. Back to top.



  • How do I set up an online account with Purity?

When you place your first online order on the site you will automatically be given an online account for future use. You can only set up an online account if you have purchased from us using this site. Back to top.

  • How do I log in to my account?

Please use the login box at the top of the page, next to the online shop. Back to top.

  • What can I do with my online account?

You can use your online account to speed up future orders, speed up form filling, comment easily, check the status of online orders and view your order history. Back to top.

  • How do I view my online account information?

Login via the panel at the top of the site and then click on the 'Account' link. Back to top.

  • How can I access my account if I have forgotten my account password?

If you forget your password you can reset it using the link in the login panel at the top of the page. Back to top.

  • How do I change my password?

This can be done in the 'Edit' tab of your 'Account' page, which is accessible via the login panel at the top of the site. If you suspect someone else knows your password you must change it immediately. We may suspend or cancel your registration if you breach of our terms and conditionsBack to top.



  • Can I sell / distribute your beers?

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at the brewery or drop us a note via our Become a Stockist page. Please note we currently deliver within a 70 mile radius of the brewery and we do not use distributors.

  • Can I be added to your Find a Stockists page?

If you are a stockist and your details aren’t listed please contact the brewery and we’ll update the site. Back to top.



  • Do you have a brewery shop?

Yes. Please visit our Contact page for our location and opening hours. Back to top.

  • When is your brewery shop open?

Please visit our Contact page for our opening hours. Back to top.

  • Are you open on bank holidays?

Most, with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Back to top.

  • Do you offer brewery tours?

Yes. Please visit the About page and scroll to the bottom for further details on brewery tours. Back to top.

  • Can I book an individual ticket for a brewery tour?

We can only accept group bookings at the moment, however we hope to be able to change this in future. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to be the first to hear the news. Back to top.

  • Can I look around your brewery outside of scheduled brewery tour times?

Unfortunately not. The tours are scheduled to take place outside of production hours in order to avoid health and safety risks. Back to top.

  • Are brewery tours suitable for disabled people?

Yes. We have accommodated wheelchair users in the past, however certain areas in the brewery are not easily accessible or are completely restricted. We are happy to discuss the practicalities of our tours for other disabilities. Please contact the brewery to discuss individual circumstances. Back to top.

  • Can children go on brewery tours?

No. Brewery tours are not suitable for people under 18 years of age. If you are interested in an educational tour e.g. on behalf of a school then please contact the brewery for further information. Back to top.

  • Do you cater for special dietary requests on your brewery tours?

Yes. We require advanced notification of any special dietary requests. We would struggle to accommodate any special dietary requests on the night as all dishes are pre-ordered with the farm. Back to top.



  • Do you have any job vacancies?

We advertise our job vacancies our UBU Tails blog and via our social media channels. If you are interested in working with us you can find out more on our About page. Back to top.

  • Do you work with recruitment consultants?

No. We prefer to hire people directly. Back to top.



  • Can you send me beer mats / empty mini casks / labels / crowns for my collection?

Yes. Contact us at the brewery and we’ll be happy to help. Back to top.

  • Does Purity own any bars?

Watch this space. We are currently working on a project to open our flagship outlet in Birmingham. Back to top.

  • Can we print bespoke labels for our beers (e.g. for weddings, corporate events)?

No. We outsource our bottling and unfortunately this is not possible. Back to top.

  • Do you hire dispense equipment?

Yes. We can offer chocks and blocks, wooden taps, handpulls, remote chillers and racking with your beer order. Please contact us for a quote. Back to top.


If you have a question which isn’t answered then please get in touch with us. Back to top.

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